About Us:

Koti Technologies was created to commercialise thin film coatings technologies developed by Professor Susan Krumdieck at the University of Canterbury (UC).

We developed breakthrough photocatalytic coatings for air purification, with a first application in ethylene control to reduce fresh fruit and vegetable spoilage rates during storage and shipping. Our photocatalysts are also applicable to a number of other market applications, from air and water purification to antimicrobial touch surfaces and water splitting for hydrogen generation.

What is Ethylene and Why Control It?

Ethylene is a naturally occurring plant ripening hormone which is released by many fruits as they ripen, this in turn ripens other fruit around them – this is the origin of the expression – one bad apple spoils the barrel.

While ripening is important at the point of consumption, producers often store fresh fruit and vegetables for extended periods and ship around the world to ensure year-round supply. Any unwanted ripening during storage and shipping can lead to fruit loss and a degradation of quality and value. Effective control of ethylene levels can prevent premature ripening of produce, reducing losses and ensuring fruit reaches customers in optimum condition.

Ethylene Control Systems

Koti Technologies is developing air purification systems for effective ethylene control in demanding conditions, where low temperature, high humidity and minute ethylene levels must be monitored and controlled to the very high tolerance levels, as required in cold store and refrigerated shipping container environments.

Key Feature Targets:

  • Low energy consumption: 100-300W depending on load and configuration
  • In-flow installation with low pressure drop, high-flow surfaces, scaleable from container size to whole cool store configurations
  • Low maintenance design with self cleaning surfaces, up to 10,000+ hours operation between servicing
  • Ethylene destruction levels scalable to container/facility size and maximum ppm/ppb requirements

Photocatalysts – Light Powered Ethylene Control

Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), coupled with an ultraviolet light source, is a well known photocatalyst for turning contaminants into safe, easy to dispose of compounds such as carbon dioxide and water. Koti Technologies combines purpose developed TiO2 coatings with robust, high flow substrates to create superior ethylene control performance.

Advantages of titanium dioxide-based photocatalysts include:

  • Non-Depleting – long life activity
  • Antimicrobial – destroy microorganisms as well 
  • as airborne and waterborne contaminants.
  • Low temperature, low energy catalysis – no heating of air or large energy inputs, easily integrated with existing air handling systems.
  • Inert – not hazardous to the environment or workers

Koti BlackTM Titanium Dioxide Films

in conjunction with the University of Canterbury

  • Chemical vapour deposition – precise coatings grown on surfaces at high temperature and low pressure
  • Quantum efficiency gains through nanostructuring and crystallographic alignment
  • For coating highly active filter-type membranes; doesn’t delaminate under stress
  • Can be engineered for either/both ultraviolet and visible light photocatalytic activity
  • More than 200 experiments and 15,000 hours of research and development undertaken to develop, characterise and test formulations

Solution-applied Titanium Dioxide Films

in conjunction with Callaghan Innovation

  • Low temperature sol gel deposition method
  • Suitable for rapid coating of large surface areas