Koti Receives Funding to Further Antimicrobials Research

Koti is excited to announce the receipt of funds to pursue further antimicrobial coatings research in collaboration with the University of Canterbury and Callaghan Innovation. Koti is one of the first Hi-Tech startups to receive funding through the recently launched Callaghan Innovation Repayable Grant Scheme which provides up to $450,000 in repayable grants alongside further investment from powerHouse Ventures Limited, Koti’s lead shareholder. Sam Davies Talwar, Kotis CEO said “we’re very excited to receive this support from both Callaghan Innovation and powerHouse Ventures which will enable us to pursue promising developments in our antimicrobial coatings work”. The key focus of Kotis work in the antimicrobials field will be the development of antimicrobial door and building hardware to prevent the transmission of infections in healthcare and aged care facilities.